Study in Bangladesh

For Bangladeshi Nationals:

To study in Bangladesh, it is important to know the programs available in your city and your district as well as a good understanding of the budget. There are numerous public as well as private universities all over Bangladesh and you can find a list of them by downloading this file below:


To decide which degree is right for you and what university to study that in, is often dependent on future prospects. Students often wonder what kind of jobs they will get afterwards, which degrees will allow them to easily get into a master’s program at home or abroad, and also which degree is more ‘valuable’. For all these, we suggest you sign up with Career Solutions right from your HSC/A Level years and let us guide you from the very first step to a good choice of university and subject.

We at CS Study Abroad and our team of local and international experts will base our suggestions on multiple factors, including your previous grades in specific subjects, your extracurricular activities, your preferences for settling in Bangladesh or Abroad, your passion for certain subjects in tertiary education, your standardized exam scores (e.g. IELTS), your education/higher studies budget, and so on. We will also make recommendations based on highest chance of getting admission and lowest chances of getting admission at different ranked universities, with risk calculation, and help you make smart decisions with safe back-up plans. So, let’s get started with a single FREE career counseling session. All you have to do is send us an email at and we’ll take it from there.


For International Students:

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is one of the metro cities of the world, and has a rich and diverse culture to offer. Education in Bangladesh is also way more affordable than most countries in North America. Since the Private Universities and Medical Colleges of Bangladesh use English as the main teaching medium, foreign nationals often find it an ideal place to complete their bachelor’s and higher education (Master’s) degrees. Furthermore, many Medical Colleges and Private Universities also have quotas and reserved seats for foreign nationals who wish to study here.

Admission requirements for international students in universities within Bangladesh: